Discovery Two Vessel Particulars

  • Maximum 11Passengers
  • Length: 24ft
  • Zodiac Bombard

Prinicipal Operator Certification & Training

  • Masters Limited
  • Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • MED A3 - Marine Vessel
  • SVOP - Small Vessel Operating Permit
  • PCL - Pleasure Craft License
  • Interlake Safety Training
  • Piloting License
  • Basic Boating

Pre-Boarding Features

  • Pre-Departure Safety Briefing
  • Life jackets on board or for personal preference, you may wish to bring your own
  • Departure/estimate arrival time noted
  • Bring your camera
  • Vessel departs from Rossport`s main dock

Safety Features

  • Transport Canada Marine Safety Ontario Compliancy Proficiency
  • Vessel Registration with Transport Canada
  • Sound Navigation Equipment
  • Life jackets

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